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Tires Chop Funny... ANYONE ELSE??

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I have 20" Forte F45s on my Impala.
They're wrapped in Falken 245/35/ZR20 tires.
I've put around 19,000 miles on these tires since October 2010, and now it's time for new front tires.
They wore down odd though.
The outside edges of my tires were chopped up the most. On both the inside and outside of the tire.
I'm just seeing if anybody has the same problem with aftermarket rims on their Impalas.
I think it's in the offset of my rims, but just checking to see if it's not just me.

I'm downgrading back to stock rims for a while I believe. Until I can put together a BIG chunk of change for 17" Texan Wire Wheel '84 rims, and Vogue tires.
I think it'll let my Impala ride MUCH nicer.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
OH and my car is ALIGNED! Had it done at the dealership not to long ago, and it was right on.
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Excessive tire wear on the out edges of the tire indicates the tire is under inflated.

Your outer edges are making too much contact with the road relative to the center of the tread. Probablly nothing wrong with the car, just with how much air stayed in the tires. THis would also explain the premature wear (19,000 miles)
im no mechanic but it doesnt sound like an alignment issue. i would imagine that if it was the alignment, the wear would be heavier on one part of the tire, not inside and out. the only time ive heard that is under inflation. you could be right, im not saying youre wrong. im just saying i dont understand how a tire would wear excessively on the inside and outside unless it was under inflated
Agreed... Ive never heard of a bad alignment causing excessive tire wear on both outer edges at an even rate. COuld be wrong though.

Just because you checked the tire pressure and it was "full" doesnt mean your tires werent under inflated... What I mean by that is, you could be filling them to 35 PSI and considering that full, when they actually need more.

Just throwing suggestions out there... but it sounds like textbook underinflation. How were you checkin the pressure? Do you have TPS?
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