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I wanted to offer this to the forum first before I sell it on ebay. I have a camaro/corvette Throttle Linkage Cover and Bracket for sale. It is used but in really good condition. The cover is still available from GM but the bracket has been discontinued and are hard to find.

A lot of the Impala guys use these to dress up the engine bay because it was not standard equipment on Impala or Caprice.

$20 shipped OBO.SOLD TO FOOSER!

I also have a PCM bracket (plastic) both pieces from a 95 caprice $20 shipped, also in good condition. I also have other odds and ends like door panels etc, so let me know what you are looking for.


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took it off the airbags (relay and solenoid problems kept stranding him)

One of my reasons to stay with straight springs. Though the car I finished the intake manifold gasket repair Saturday morning has had three of the four springs fail. RL in Michigan about a year ago, BOTH fronts back in March in the same day. My Impala is still standing on the factory orginals which are now over 31 years old (soon to install the rear 9C1 HD springs on the rear - will do that the same time I change the tranny out).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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