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Windy City Guys,

The HERD will tour The VOLO Auto Museum the weekend after the HERD Club October 18Th Meeting.. Saturday October 20. They have a group rate of just under $10.00 per person for admission. They also have a Haunted Halloween Trolly ride that lasts about 45 Min. it would be an additional charge of $7.00. The Volo Auto Museum has a place to eat on site.

27582 Volo Village Road Volo, IL 60073
(815) 385-3644

15 people are needed for the group rate.. We will Caravan from Schaumburg to the VOLO Auto Museum.. Arrival at 10:00AM at Volo.

After the tour we can have Lunch at.

Fratellos Hot Dogs,

Features Chicago hot dogs, Chicago Style Italian beef, hamburgers, specialty sandwiches, and fresh salads..

Fratellos Hot Dogs
31682 U.S. 12, Volo, IL 60073

We will meet near The Woodfiled Mall about 9:00 AM.. The parking lot just west of the Woodfield Firestone store off Golf Rd.. The Caravan will pull out about head for Volo.. We should arrive just before they open at 10:00AM.

There are a few that want to have some breakfast and are meeting at 8:30 AM..

If you have a FRS radio bring it we use them for car to car communications.

We use channel 7 and private code 24
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