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Yes, you are reading that correctly... I had dropped the cash to get a Stage 1 performance built transmission from Dave @ TEP, but things have taken a turn in another direction for Papa SSmirf and I. So here is a chance to get one of these infamous performance built transmissions, without having to wait at least a month to get one and shipped to you...

It is a brand new, freshly built transmission from Dave, which is also coming g with the reman torque converter (standard stall...) AND a brand new Stage 1 stand-alone transmission cooler for the LS4 application as well!!! All of which are new, never installed and awaiting a swap into your ride. However, because I can't return it and I am selling it to someone else, there is NO WARRANTY on the transmission.

So if you have an 8th gen Impala SS, Monte Carlo SS, or Buick LaCrosse Super with the same mods as my car, and you want or need a new transmission, look no further. Come get it while there is one available. The ONLY stipulation to this offer, is that you have to come to me to get it. PICK-UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING!!! I don't have a way of getting it to a terminal to ship out with it on the pallet, so I can't ship it to you. This is why it is a pick-up only.

If your interested, send me a PM and we will make further arrangements for a pickup and payment. Located in the Albany, NY area.

Thanks for looking, and hope someone snags this thing and quick...
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