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On another Impala forum I frequent, we have a meet going on in the Niagara area on Saturday, October 30th. Next week. You kids are invited. B bodies and W bodies alike. Here's the deets:

When: Saturday, October 30th.
Where: Starting out at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga. Post racing and food locations to be determined.

TMP as a Driver - $20-$35 depending (I'm calling to get a firm price)
TMP as a Spectator - $10
Food afterward: TBD


Toronto Motorsports Park
1040 Kohler Road
Cayuga, Ontario, Canada
N0A 1E0

Toronto Motorsports Park - Dragway

Let me know if you're planning on showing so I can figure out headcount. It'll go a long way on figuring out where we're going for food.
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