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Hey guys, Im looking into getting an 06+ impala. I realize this is the 7th gen section, so I don't expect many people to know an answer but I thought id try. I want to put air suspension on an 06+ impala, but its real hard to find kits out there. I found a kit on for 96-06 impalas, but when I look up a kit for an 07 nothing comes up. This seems a little strange to me that a kit would work on impalas from 96- 06 when theres 3 different generations in there. Would I be getting myself into a world of trouble trying to make something like that fit? I also found a kit on another site for 00-06 impalas which is air struts for the front and rear for about 800 for each side, not including any air management systems.

My biggest question really is are these suspension parts interchangeable through generations or am I going to have to find something a little more specific for W body's.

Also a little in depth question I've also seen a kit to relocate the shocks, do you have to relocate the shocks when you put air suspension in?
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