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I always use a manual impact tool, and strike it with a hammer while holding it in the CCW direction.

But then again, I put anti-seize on the threads when I install the new rotor, since the screw holds the rotor correctly and makes installing the caliper with new pads a little easier, as it doesn't actually go into the installed position until the lug nuts are at least snug. I'd tend to leave it out since, I risk having an issue some day, but it's nice to have the rotor in place when installing the new pads in the caliper, so I make sure to anti-seize it every time, and I haven't screwed myself yet doing it this way.

I learned in wrenching dirt bikes in the old days that you must use an impact tool to save the fastener installation surfaces, and the slight rap with a hammer makes the fastener come right lose, with much less chance of damage to the head.

I have a torx socket kit, with varying driver sizes depending on torx bit number. I use a 3/8-1/4" adapter on the impact driver, and use the small torx driver bit which is 1/4" drive.

It doesn't take very much of a rap to make it work, and rather than even try to break it loose with a ratchet, I just get out the impact and it's a no swear task.

These things are cheap, but I have a Snap-On one myself now:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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