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Hey guys, I have a 2016 Impala LTZ with a 3.6L. I’ve been having an intermittent issue.

It usually starts with the service stabilitrak light coming on sometimes with the service park brake light and some of the gauges will drop to zero. The last time it happened was the worst. Service stabilitrak, park brake and engine light came on, RPM, MPH, and temp gauges dropped to zero, digital speedometer also read zero and the car went into reduced engine power. It struggled to accelerate from a stop light where pedal to the metal it was super high RPM but no speed, like limp home mode. I was near Advance Auto so I pulled in to have the codes checked while it was happening and got P0700 TCM requests MIL to turn on, U0100 Lost comm with ECM/PCM and U0073 Control module communication bus off. After the car was turned off and back on only the engine light was the only one that remained.

I had an appointment with the dealership today, but when I started the car this morning I had no issues or lights. The dealer said they are willing to drive it for a fee whether or not the issue occurs, but recommends only brining it in if the problem is active. I decided not to leave it because it only happens once or twice a week.

Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have any suggestions?

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