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I bought a steering column (my old one was all jacked out) and putting it in, everything went fine. But when we put the plate that holds it all in, we realized that we had it turned 180 degrees. All the wires fit, everything was fine, but the plate wouldn't fit the way we needed; a turn 180 degrees and it would have been fine.

SO, we looked at the plate and notched out the hole so the plate would fit. That seemed to be the only difference on the plate. Position A had the hole that was now 180 from where it needed to be, so we notched it in Position B. Follow me?

As I've driven it, the column works and everything seems to fine. We haven't hooked up the airbag system yet. I'm going to take it to the local Chevy place and have them check that system out, but I'm just wondering if that plate will cause an issue, or is it fine the way we did it?
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