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STB Question

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I went back through and searched the old threads about the strut tower braces and found the link to the drcustomparts website. They give a part number for the V6 cars strut tower braces - part #12498648 - front and rear bars. They are priced at $85.00. That website tells you that those are GM performance strut tower brace bars and that you can find them at Pace Performance. I went to the site and entered the part number and it come back with a picture that looks the same and has the bars listed for $27.92. It says the bars are for 97-03 Grand Prix's and 00-03 Monte Carlos. What gives? I just don't want to order the wrong part. Why is it so much more expensive at DR versus Pace? Does anyone know if there is a difference in the parts that I'm just not seeing?
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I got mine stb from the junkyard and the brake from
drcustomparts if they are the same part num they will work
Chevrolet Performance 12498648 -
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Same part number. Thanks Volume!! I've always been one of those guys that goes to the store and buys what he can put his hands on. Ordering online is something I'm still getting used to. Half the time after I've been on the computer I end up feeling like this :dizzy: Too much info or something...
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