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Yes, I'm ok. Thank you. Crazy part is the car still starts & runs, no problem. Hell, I can still drive it during the day. (No Headlights) harness is severed and the other half is in the middle of some street. Lower RAL is damaged beyond repair, has to be replaced! Total car repairs dance to the tune of "$16,418!" The suckie part about all this is the list of parts I ordered! Good thing I'm getting another Impala!
$16k for that repair is extremely excessive. I suggest getting another shop's opinion if you want the rebuild route.
I was in a similar wreck years ago in which the control arms, part of the subframe, and the CV axle split from the impact.
I was able to replace the subframe and rebuild the front suspension system along with a new rack and pinion, headlights plus cosmetic stuff like bumper cover, fender, ect for all about $2-2.5k.

This was the wreck:
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle

Subframe replacement:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Final product:
Car Wheel Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle
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