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I have a complete set of rims for a 6th gen Monte SS or Impala of same years. 2 have been used for about 2 years and tires are as bald as bald can be, can have removed if requested. The other 2 are brand new with perfect Goodyear W speed rated tires less than 5 miles on rim and tire.

All 4 are in good shape never curbed the 2 used could use a good polish. The reason 2 are use and 2 are not is that they only would fit on the front of my 2002 Monte LS and I needed spacers for the rear and never got around to get the spacers, too busy with my SS.

They are pictured on my old 2002 Monte LS, I can get pic of all 4 that are in storage right now. All 4 have the stock bow-tie center caps. Genuine GM rims not reproduction. They came off a 2005 Monte Carlo SS I bought them from the original owner, owner put after market rims immediately after purchase.

I would like $200 + shipping each for the used 2, with or with out the tires (tires just prevent damage in shipping)
and $275 + shipping for the new 2 with tires
Or $875 + shipping for all 4.
Over $400 from GM

I would like to sell as a set or at least keep used and new together but may separate. I also have a full set of locking lug nuts that will go with the full set half used but still work fine.

will send pic on request, don't have enough to posts to post a pic
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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