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The color rendering index is a measure of the ability of a light source to display the original color of an object. Sunlight has the most true color rendering ability to objects, and can be used as a reference light source and as a reference standard. The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) sets the color rendering index of sunlight to 100 Ra, and stipulates 15 test colors, with R1-R15 representing the display index of these 15 colors. And divide the color rendering index into 5 levels:

90-100Ra: places that require accurate color contrast;

80-89Ra: a place that satisfies the correct judgment of color;

60-79Ra: meeting the medium color rendering;

40-59Ra: Places with low color rendering requirements and single color tone;

20-39Ra: Places that do not have specific requirements for light color rendering.

The stadium is not a place with a single hue, so the display index requirement for the lowest level of stadium lighting is greater than 65Ra. If it is a large stadium and needs to be broadcast on television, the color rendering index needs to be greater than 80. The highest level of stadium lighting-HDTV broadcast is important, and the color rendering index requirements of international games are even higher, above 90Ra. Therefore, the color rendering index of the stadium-specific lights needs to be at least 65Ra, and the color rendering index of the BBIERLED stadium-specific lights is above 90Ra, so the BBIERLED stadium-specific lights are suitable for all stadiums. The high color rendering index is one of the advantages of sports lighting brand stadium lamps.
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