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Ordered front and rear splash guards for LTZ (Premier) model from Chevrolet Accessories web site. Chevrolet Accessories
Had them shipped to Dealer for free because their shipping charges are outrageous.

Front Splash Guards in Black: Part No. 22872956 (2019)
Rear Splash Guards in Black (for LTZ Models): Part No. 22872957 (2019)
(The rear splash guards are different for LS/LT and LTZ/Premier models due to the under bumper black trim. Be sure to order for the correct model.)

Paint (TouchUpDirect platinum kit plus one additional can of base)
1 can primer (12 oz. ea.)
2 cans base (6 .oz ea.) (site says 12 oz., can label says 6 oz.)
1 can clear coat (12 oz. ea.)

To protect from dust while drying I placed boxes over them. Lightly painted box inside to keep the cardboard from shedding. Used paint that is similar to the bass color. For ex: black for dark gray base. Don't use up the base paint for this.

Let them cure for a couple days before polish and install.

Photo Gallery
Bare splash guards

Painted splash guards

Painted splash guards (before polish)
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