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Special Anniversary Edition Impala on sale this month

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The Chevrolet Impala celebrates its 50th birthday this year- and General Motors is ready to celebrate. The milestone for the popular model will be marked with a special commemorative 50th Anniversary Edition that goes on sale this month.

The special model comes with a sports-tuned suspension system, antilock brakes, 18-inch wheels, a spoiler and special badging to set it apart from standard models. Inside, shoppers will find two-tone leather seating surfaces with an embroidered commemorative logo. The drivers perch is 8-way power adjustable, and sits atop a special ebony carpet treatment with contrasting stitching on the matching floor-mats.

Impala 50th Anniversary Edition is available in two premium exterior colors- Black Granite Metallic or Red Jewel Tintcoat.

Power comes from a 3.5 liter V6 rated for 211 horsepower, which GM notes achieves fuel consumption as low as 7 L / 100km on the highway.

"We are thrilled to mark 50 years of the Impala," said Marc Comeau, GM of Canada's VP of sales, service, and marketing. "The Impala has always stood for value, performance and style, making it popular with Canadians. In addition, it is built right here in Oshawa at our quality award winning car assembly plant."

This historical Impala model is priced at $30,990

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Now that is a sweet car. The 50th year anniversary is amazing, not many car models make it this far. I like the red color of it. It amazes me how much electronic stuff they are able to put into these machines.
Does any members have this car in their garage yet? I am looking for a 50th Anniversary to provide me a VIN # so I can take to the dealer and buy some of the add-ons for my Impala. The last 8 digits would work, if somebody didn't want to share the whole VIN. Thanks in advance!
Brickyard what options are you wanting? There isnt much difference between it and the 1LT. The only things it has that the 1LT doesnt is the 50th Badging, suspension difference, and standard metallic applique on the dash. Dont know if you want to re-upholster your seats to make it match.

This is a BEAUTIFUL car. Just picked mine up, the Granite Black really pops in the sun.
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