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I have an '09 LTZ. I just bought 2 Flowmaster Super 44s. P/N 942448. 2.25 Offset IN and OUT.
I already took it to one shop and they said they could do it, but it would be hundreds of dollars because the Inlet is too wide, Hangar Locations on Current Factory setup and the angle of the exhaust entering the Inlet of the Muffler leaves no room to put on Aftermarket Mufflers. So, they would have "a lot of fabricating, welding, connectors, hangars, etc" to make this work.
I have seen videos etc with these and NO MODS done, more or less plug and play.
Can someone please tell me, Yes or No, will the ones I bought fit without having to reinvent the wheel or did I indeed buy the wrong P/N? If so, what on God's Green Earth is the right P/N? Personally I don't see why this should cost more than $150-$200 to replace a set of mufflers, but I could be wrong...PLEASE ADVISE! TIA
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