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Midlife crisis? I don't know, but I want (need) a toy project car.
Something ridiculously powerful, , and building the engine "ucool perhaps...

I love my '06 Impala SS, it is a great car... it's a respectable working adults vehicle... and it's "faster than average" compared to other vehicles on the road, not counting "real" sports cars.

So I'm sitting here pondering, do I want to dump a bunch of money and time in to this Impala, rebuilding the engine"up" - I know I'll need a new transmission to handle it.

What kind of performance could I expect from a built-up 5.3ltr? Is it possible? Are there many performance parts for the 5.3? Is it worth it? Not looking to be the fastest car on the road... just looking for more "excitement" I'm sure you know what I mean.

Or should I go find a "real" car worth restoring and building up?

Just some of my ponderings, feel free to brain this with me.

All input appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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Sorry for the delay in approving this.

IMO, there's enough cars you can get to tinker with that's the route I'd go. Not sure how much your 4 speed will handle, anyhow. IIRC, those are a bit touchy with mods.
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