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I thought I was nearing the end of fixing the leaks and making my Caprice a reliable daily driver.

The other day I went to a friends house noting out of the normal park the car he says dude your pouring oil out. Start the car back up oil pressure is at 4 pounds. No biggy I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. Its a Chevy.

I get the intake manifold done in two days, between work and family I dont have a ton of time. I also rebuild the oil filter adapter for the fourth time, this time I used indian head to hold the gaskets in place instead of RTV worked awesome no leaks. Take it out it OVERHEATS WTF.

I inspect the water pump. The 3 month old water pump had the impeller fly off the shaft. Still under warrantee so I replace it.

Still OVERHEATS. I burp the cooling system again, there wasnt any air. OK.

I re do the intake thinking I flipped a gasket over backwards, nope.

I re burp the air out.

Still overheating.

6 thermostats later I settle on a 180, Still overheating.

Now the ECU fuse is blowing for some reason everytime the ign is on. CRAP!!!!

Replace the Fan clutch now its not overheating, but im getting intermittent IGN problems!

I get it running run to the junk yard pull a new ICM take it to work, test it 9 times over the period of an hour tests good. Swap it in, runs like a champ.

This was a nightmare. I didnt even include the repairs I had to do to the wiring harness, My IAC pigtail and Water temp sensor both cracked in half and new pigtails and sensors were installed.
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