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I decided to finally paint the front grill I think it turned out okay for my first attempt. I was thinking about doing a black bow tie but I'm not sure now and I also replaced the rear badge.

Sorry for the crappy pics the weather here in FL has been bad all week.

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Thanks I was originally going to black out the entire grill but everyone on here has that look already so I tried something different. I like it for now I might switch it up in a few months. Lol and yeah the bow tie on the plate is the best mod on my car lol.
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I kinda like the front! Silver with the black surrounding it....Its usually the other way around! And the Impala on the back, I like too! :beer: Good job! (yes, I like chrome too. Nothing wrong with that!)

Thought the bowtie on the plate was cool as well.....:eek:k3:
Yeah I didn't really realize that it was reverse colors until I put the grill together lol. But thanks I thought the letters on the trunk lid was going to be cake but that was a pain in the ***
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Been awhile since I posted anything so I thought I'd show some stuff I been doing lately.

- Plasti dip rims, and emblems.
- SS upper and lower grill
- Depo headlights :)

I'll get some better pics up soon, just took a quick shot today.

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Finally got a few photos up.. weather was bad but oh well, better ones next time. :yahoo:

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Thought I'd post the newest updates that was done to the Impala already.

- LED tail lights.
- Black vinyl roof.
- color matched the chrome bar on the trunk lid.
- plasti dipped chrome door trim.

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Hey thanks everyone! TSS your right it has come along way :beer:
A lot more planned in the near future as well, stay tuned :hope:
Thanks tonyc712000 I know how you are about chrome lol :eek:k3:
lol thanks fellas I appreciate the comments.
Small update:

- Changed stock bulbs to Super bright LED's in the interior and license plate.

- Reverse light bulbs changed to Long shot lighting LED's.

I LOVE the brightness at night :eek:k3:

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Thanks man. Yeah on the chrome trim I left about 1/4th of an inch of my silver paint showing so that way when you peel the dip the line is perfectly straight. I also dipped my pillars cause they had some sun damage.
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Thanks rippir! Any updates on your LED setup?
Looks real good! Those are some bright interior LEDS you have.
Thanks impalavision :beer:

I've been absolutely covered up with work for the past couple weeks... But this is what I've done so far.

Led on all interior lamps and license plate.

Installed black headlights, hids, led 194 Amber side marker, led switch back in turn signals.

Had a defective headlight issue (low bean bulb cover came loose)... Had to switch back to stock for the week until replacement strives :banghead:

Hopefully I'll have everything done in a week or so.

I'm thinking about lowering fir next project... Have you looked into lowering kits?

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Which black housings did you end up getting? The ones with the clear side markers? Yeah I been wanting to lower after I get new wheels. I think I'm going to go with the SSC springs. How about you?

What is the benefit of LEDs on the interior lights? Just that they are brighter?
Yup just brighter and IMO better looking than halogen bulbs. Also they last longer, produce less heat, and doesn't use as much power compared to halogens :eek:k3:

For me, I like the nice white look when they come on at night, and are a little brighter. The trunk LED definitely lights up the trunk better.

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Exactly :beer: you can't tell in the pictures but mine are "cool white" has a little hint of blue in them. I didn't replace the trunk light yet, that's the only bulb I haven't changed out yet. I just found a site that has a LED strip that plugs into the 194 bulb socket. Completely plug and play so no wiring needed. If I like it I'm going to do the same with the foot wells in the car.
Thanks for the link man, how did it turn out for you?
I was looking at this one: R-Tech "HMS" 12 SMD Forward Face LED Strip - T10 Power Connector - HMS (HIDGuy Mod-Shop)
The one you got is cheaper and has 6 more SMDs.
I thought it turned out good. Mine has a shorter power connector and it connects in the middle of the strip as opposed to the end like your link showed. It has 3m tape on it. I just stuck it right beside the original trunk fixture. Here is closer pic.
That looks pretty good. I might end up getting one of those for my trunk light.
Looks great. I've been considering something like this for my interior & reverse lights too. The stock lighting inside isn't that great, especially with the black interior. And with dark tint brighter reverse lights would be nice. I've never used LEDs before though. Are they just a replacement bulb in the same part number? Did you have to change anything in the wiring or is it plug-n-play?
For reverse lights I went with these: 921/912 T15 LED replacement bulbs (1- White pair) | Longshot Lighting
I guess I got the last pair cause they been sold out since I bought them. They are a bit pricey but now my reverse lights are almost as bright as my headlights lol. They should have more in stock soon though.
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Small update:

- Color matched SS fog light bezels
- Windshield tint across the top
- Morimoto 3k HIDs in fogs

Night pics:

My favorite pics of the day:

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Thanks bro. I had to take off the retro depos to get realigned for the drop that's coming next :)
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