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I decided to finally paint the front grill I think it turned out okay for my first attempt. I was thinking about doing a black bow tie but I'm not sure now and I also replaced the rear badge.

Sorry for the crappy pics the weather here in FL has been bad all week.

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Looks great
Lookin great bro!
I think you owe me copyright on them fog bezels. Kidding kidding.

Kc that yellow is often perfered for poor weather situations. So its also productive
Hell.. my personal headlights have been on and off the work bench dozens of times for months. Ask Ryd. :biggrin: couldnt tell ya how many times iv driven to work without a front bumper, or with masking tape still on the car :giggle: I get crap sometimes when I get to work " why is there masking tape on the side of your car now..?" When I did my rims, it was a rim a day. 3.5hr/ rim
progress is progress is progress :eek:k3:
They're custom mod headlights, not ebay aftermarkets.

I think I need to change my underpants. Goods amazing
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Love it bro. I didn't see where ya found the door sills at. Mind my asking?
That's awesome bro! Can you take a photo log of the lower dash piece install? Please
Looks good man. Not sure how I feel about spoiler delete though. Did trunk lid require much rehab?
Sweet stuff dude. Looking great as always.

Was the headliner difficult to remove? I'm sure my sunroof style headliner will be different, but not any more difficult.
You know life throws curve-balls. I was in a dark place. Another friend of mine on here showed me back to the light. My car and I are happy to be back. Wallet is a bit pissed though haha. But yeah...your car is coming along quite nicely.

I second about Pala's build
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