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Silver4door Imp

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I decided to finally paint the front grill I think it turned out okay for my first attempt. I was thinking about doing a black bow tie but I'm not sure now and I also replaced the rear badge.

Sorry for the crappy pics the weather here in FL has been bad all week.

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Looks great silver4door!

Not sure what aiza is talking about though... :dunno:
There was a post the mods deleted, I forget what it said :lol:
Looks great!
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Such a sick looking Imp, good work :beer:
Looks good :beer:
I'm digging the fog bezels big time. But what happened to the retrofitted depos?
Sick! Can't wait for pics

The fog bezels remind me of my grille :eek:k3:
Where did you get the fog lights? They look yellow, and my scheme is black and yellow. I think that would be a nice accessory. Looks great btw.
He used a 3000k HID kit for the fog lights to get that yellow color
EBay xentec kits. $30 with everything you need for a pnp install. I'd also recommend a $7 relay harness for the fog lights.
Essentially yes, but its a bit more complicated than just swapping a bulb. You also have a ballast that powers the bulb. The ballast uses more power than your stock wiring is capable of. The relay harness provides a fuse and larger wire to carry the current to the ballasts
It's getting hard man, everyone has flippin awesome ideas it's great. I have a million things I wanna do but not enough time or money lol
Welcome to the club.

The thing to remember is that "Rome wasnt built overnight." These cars with all these mods that you like, did them one by one. Thats what keeps it fun and interesting :eek:k3:
Do the vinyl roof, it looks awesome!

And I definitely know what you mean when you say the mod wish-list keeps on growing...
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Agree with these guys, that looks awesome!! Leave em on til you get whatever other wheels you want on. These look 100x better than the stockers.
I love the chrome wheels with the silver car and everything else blacked out. Exactly the look I have going, but doesn't look as good as yours!
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I think with your car KG, the black would look better
Very nice :eek:k3:
Nice! Probably could have sold the silver/aluminum finish if you didn't want to use it. Know quite a few people are looking for those pieces.

Is the mileage stored in the cluster on the 8th gen? If so, how closely does the mileage match with yours?
Yeah, I figured it probably was since that's how it's done on the 7th gen. Gotta wait another 10k miles to put in my modified cluster :gaah:

JT, the analog odometers were just as easy to doctor....this is nothing new.
Looks great man!!! Good idea just switching the gauge faces. Wish it was that easy swapping the 7th gen cluster to the SS. Still gotta wait another 10k miles for my cluster swap :bang:
No, they can definitely be taken apart. I've modified enough of them to know that for a fact lol. But the SS cluster has 6 gauges whereas the Ls cluster only has 4. So you can't just swap the gauge faces. Gotta swap the whole cluster.
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