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Silver4door Imp

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I decided to finally paint the front grill I think it turned out okay for my first attempt. I was thinking about doing a black bow tie but I'm not sure now and I also replaced the rear badge.

Sorry for the crappy pics the weather here in FL has been bad all week.

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I kinda like the front! Silver with the black surrounding it....Its usually the other way around! And the Impala on the back, I like too! :beer: Good job! (yes, I like chrome too. Nothing wrong with that!)

Thought the bowtie on the plate was cool as well.....:eek:k3:
Hey thanks everyone! TSS your right it has come along way :beer:
A lot more planned in the near future as well, stay tuned :hope:

Looks NICE! Real clean! I really like the roof too! (Even with black rims...:lol:) Hey, I'm old-fashioned and like chrome...:wink:
1 - 2 of 226 Posts
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