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I have a 2dr 69 Impala that Im getting ready for the summer. I am looking to put Electric windows and wanting to put a remote starter on the car but ever time I do something electrical on the car, I have an additional problem

Example, I put an electric fuel pump on it and then the Alternator went bad

Let me know if I should buy a complete wire harness that will work with all my electric needs or another way to get this problem fix. Your response would be appriciated.

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Your dealing with a 39 yr old car, things are going to go wrong. A new harness would be a big help. My '65 Caprice was a disaster as far as wires went. Every time I touched or moved a wire is craked or broke. I don't think the FP and alt. thing was related. Why go electric on a carb'd engine, doesn't really matter.
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