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Impala 2009 LT, VIN 2G1WT57N591109029

Hi, thanks for reading. Background on me: used to working with computers/programming but totally new to working on my car. I have a specific issue with my car (two trouble codes) and I have some general questions as someone new to this field.

Specific issues: I have a P0411 error code and a P2440 error code. So respectively, something wrong with the secondary air pump and secondary air valve. The pump was replaced within the last two years. The valve I replaced myself a week ago. The codes keep returning, however. My local mechanic doesn't appear to want the money to fix these issues so I figured I'd work on it myself and see what I can do.

I already have a ton of information on the P0411 and P2440 codes; this is where the "general questions" come in. Taking the steps to properly diagnose the problem, I feel like I need these questions answered before I continue. And I figure, once I get the ball rolling I can come back here and ask more questions about my error code issue, if I run into a wall somewhere.

General questions:
1. Which physical OBDII scanner can do a full component test (like turn on and off the solenoids/actuators)?* I have my eye on the Autel Maxicheck Pro; I sent them an email today asking. I already have a cheap $30 ancel tool.
2. Is there a physical OBDII scanner that can monitor readings from systems for the Impala? I want to see the air pressure, similar to this video at the timestamp:
3. Is there a computer program like that can do the above? I would assume a computer program would be free or cheaper and I'd just need the cable for my laptop. Ive seen Scan9495 mentioned on this forum but by the name alone I assume it won't work for me lol.
4. Should I forget trying to get a scanner tool or program and do component tests by wiring a switch in the relay box? I just purchased this online, will arrive soon. I just thought doing it from the scanner would be cleaner/easier. And I could monitor readings at the same time. Lisle 69250 Terminal Lead with Switch: Automotive

I have more but this is a start, I think... Thanks,
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