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Hi all,

I'm new to car repairs and have only started doing my own work on the Impala about a year ago, so please bear with me...

I'm having an issue where the front driver-side brake seems to be grinding when releasing the brake and when coming to a complete stop. I've attached pictures of my two front rotors. I see what seems to be a deep indentation on the driver side rotor, which I assume is what's causing the grinding? Does this mean the rotor needs to be replaced or can I get away with just replacing the pads?

I also attached the passenger side rotor. This looks okay to me, as there is just some rust and don't see any major indentations, but not entirely sure as I do not have experience in replacing brakes.

I should also mention I only plan on hanging on to this car for about a year, so I'm only looking to upgrade what I absolutely have to.

Your input is appreciated!
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