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This wiring diagram will allow you to install ANY 12 Volt Auxiliary Lights --
Fog Lights / Road Lamps / or BOTH!
Taking the current to light them, ... DIRECTLY ... from your Battery!
ON -- w/ HIGH's. |||| OFF |||| ON -- w/ LOW's

Handwriting Rectangle Font Schematic Parallel

1. LOAD Full Battery Power to 12VDC Accessory Fog Lights or Road Lamps.
2. HD +20 Amp INLINE Fuse protection for this entire circuit.
3. FUSE TAP. Accessory Circuit Fuse Tapped. The On/Off current operates MAIN DISTRIBUTION RELAY -- LOAD -->. LINE OUT
(See photo):
+12VDC (Switched) Source at Fuse Panel is tapped. +12V ON Signal current to MAIN AUXILIARY RELAY Closes MAIN POWER DISTRIBUTION RELAY. Relay CLOSES allowing LOAD Current to pass to Twin Relays mounted elsewhere. One HIGH BEAM's. One LOW.
Lights do not come ON w/o Ignition Switch ON. (Or Eng. running).

4. Bosch™ 4 Pin, 12VDC, 30A, Normally OPEN Relay [0 332 019 110]. (Throughout)*.
Low Amp current triggers Relay. Contacts CLOSE. High Amps LOAD supplied to auxiliary lights.

5. Let one Single Wire deliver LOAD High Amp current to DUAL 30Amp RELAYS.
High Beam Relay.
CLOSES when triggered by 12V signal current supplied by HIGH Beams ON.
Low Beam Relay. CLOSES when triggered by 12V signal current supplied by LOW Beams
6. Grounds. Toughest part of the job. Finding just the right Switch and figuring our where to mount it.
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