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The rims you are looking at were standard equipment on 2000-2005 Impala LS models. They will fit. The 16 inch alloys rims used the 2006-2013 Impala LT models as well as the newer 16 inch aluminum rims used on the 2012-2013 LS models will fit. Pretty much any 16 inch rim used on a GM FWD car will fit as long as the bolt pattern and offset is the same. So 16 inch rims used on the 2000-2007 Monte Carlo will fit as well as the 16 inch rims used on the 1997-2009 Pontiac Grand Prix will fit. I could name a lot more cars. You have a lot of options. If I were you I would get a set of 16 inch rims in good to great condition. No point of investing in rims in bad shape unless the price is really cheap. Even beat up rims look better than steel rims w/wheel covers. Good Luck.
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