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I'm new to this forum and am looking for any help on mild mods to my 2010 LTZ 3.9L.
It's been a while since my 70 Impala 427 and a lot of things have changed.
Does any make a front pipe with a hi flow cat?
Is there any more support for this platform for PCM tuning?
Does anyone know if the updated 76mm TB Will was selling is available or PN or original application.

Thanks in advance
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Welcome!! :beer:

Git us some pics!!!:D

Inside, out and all around!!:nerd
Magnaflow has just this under full exhaust systems that'll fit a 2010 LTZ.

You can search their site for catalytic converters too, though as I'm not too mechanically inclined I have no idea what kind of difference one might make.

Not sure where you'd find a tuner either, though I dare say there's a few doing interesting things to newer engines, such as Road Race motorsports, and HP Tuners. Hope that'll help give you a place to start, at least.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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