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I read numerous threads on replacing my OnStar module with an OnStar/Bluetooth module. They had to do with Impalas and other cars. I kept a thorough list of compatible modules with my car. I documented everything I could and finally pulled the trigger after 14 months purchasing a replacement module with Bluetooth. Here is what I experienced.

1. I replaced my 2010 OnStar module with a 2009 Impala OnStar/Bluetooth module.
2. Bluetooth worked perfectly and immediately.
3. I brought my car to a GM dealer and, from what I thought, had them initialize my OnStar module.
4. I contacted OnStar to notify them of my hardware change. They understood and changed my account information.
5. The light on my rear view mirror was green.
6. My only issue was using the Iphone OnStar app to remotely connect to my car.
a. I could not get remote car information (tire pressure, oil life, etc.)
b. I could not use the app to remotely start the car or lock/unlock my car.
7. Since this was my primary use of OnStar, I contacted the service.
8. After being told to delete/re-install the Iphone app with no success, I was told the problem would be escalated to Sr. Tech Support.
9. 7 days later, I received a call from tech. support saying to contact them when I was in the car and they would end an update. Once I did this, after 5 minutes they told me the update failed and it would be escalated to Sr. Tech Support.
10. 5 days later, I went through the same thing. They call, I contact Tech. Support while in the car, they tell me they will download the update, after 5-10 minutes they tell me the update failed, they will escalate to Sr. Tech Support and contact me shortly.
11. Now, suddenly, I don't get any return phone calls. I am having to contact them after a month or two. I explain everything, they tell me don't worry, the download will fix it. Then after 5-10 minutes, they come back on the line, tell me it failed and will again be escalated.
12. After 6+ tries over 9+ months, the OnStar Sr. Tech. Support guy is confident he can get it to work. But, after 5-10, same old same old. I asked if the person has read my record/log and it all started when I changed the module. He says that is interesting because when he tries to push the update, he gets an error that the module info. does not match the car's info. He says he will contact me shortly with a solution. I get a call in 5 minutes and the guy says the process won't work because it is a new module and that I need to go to my GM dealer and have them replace it.

So, my questions are...
A. Did the GM dealer at the beginning re-initialize my OnStar module (Step 3) or did that fail?
B. Is there anyway the GM dealer will replace this module with one that will work at no cost (my car is under warranty)?
C. Should I take it to a different GM dealer and ask them to re-initialize the OnStar module?
D. Has OnStar finally taken a hard line by not working with people who change out their own modules.

Again, everything seems to be working fine, except for their remote app and downloading the update.

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contact the GM rep on the forum, see if she can help.
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