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...1964 Chevy Impala. 283 original? The problem is the ZZ-3 motor has an aluminum timing chain cover that seems to be about an inch thick with the holes for the water pump. Just last night, ( just for the heck of it ) I pieced together the old water pump the alternator brackets from the 283 and everything fits, holes line up, and I noticed I had to install longer bolts for the water pump to make up for the one inch thick aluminum timing chain cover. I knew I had a problem when the pulley from the water pump was hitting the pulley from the harmonic balancer. I did have to install another harmonic balancer because the ZZ-3 didn't have one. Did the harmonic balancer throw things off or did the chain cover being so thick. I plan on getting a new water pump, alternator, etc. Do I need to get new brackets, pulleys or what ?!? I caught a snag and I need help!!!
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