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I' m getting my lt1 rebuilt and since the engine will be out I want to increase horsepower to 450-500, but b able to drive it daily. I'm know little about engines, but would appreciate any advice on what i need to accomplish this. if possible please be detailed because this is new to me

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Get Roller Rockers. Lifters, Bigger Injectors Say 24lb, 58mm Throttle Body, Aluminum Heads, Big Cam, Bigger Fuel Lines, Get A Bigger Intake, Get Yourself A Cold Air Intake, An Msd Or Accel Opti-spark, Msd Wires, Use Stock Ac Delco Plugs.... There Is A Lot To Do..

Keep In Mind, When Doing Major Work To A Motor Like That, It Gets Really Really Expensive, And Performance Parts Break.... You Aint Racing If Parts Aint Breaking... Thats How It Is..

Also, When Doing Major Work Like That To Build A 400 Horsepower Motor, You Have To Get Your Computer Chipped And Tuned, Or The Car Just Wont Run
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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