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I had a loud rattle that seemed intermittent, and I could not pin down the location or imagine what it might be, the first week I owned the car.

Some days it was bad, real obnoxious, and other days I never heard it.

I thought it was in the dash, or maybe the glove box, but it would come and go, and I was stumped. Of course it only happens in traffic, where I can't really mess with the dash or focus on the sound to try to diagnose it, without risking ass packing the car in front of me.

And then I found it; the console cover/armrest pad was rattling. I looked for the rubber bumpers under the lid and they were there. So I grabbed the lid and shook it and the clasp has a very loose fit to the plastic of the console base. The rectangular hole that the clasp engages is either cut too high or the clasp itself is mounted way to low.

If my arm is on the console pad, there isn't a problem.

I haven't tried to fiddle with it to see what I can do, but I've stuck some fabric in the gap between lid and console base to deaden the noise in the meantime.

I don't think this is going to be an simple fix.

I can't shim the clasp, that would make it worse, and if the hole is cut too high in the console base, then there doesn't seem to be an easy fix.

I almost need to put a piece of bent steel in the shape of 'U' and crimp it into the slot that the clasp engages to shim the contact point lower.

It's a real nuisance, but sort of at the limit of making a dealer visit worthwhile.
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