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I tryed to start a post under the 1st generation Impalas (1958-1961) and for some reason, I can't. Anyways, what do antique Impalas usually go for? My father has a 1960 Chevy Impala. It has the 348 and was originally a single 4-bbl. Now, the engine has been rebuilt and now it has 2x4bbls. The car is a 1960 Chevy Impala 4dr Sedan. The car isn't in poor condition, but it DOES need alot of body work. I believe the whole trunk lid may have to be replaced as well as parts of the trunk itself, I believe there is some major rust in it. The car has alot of surface rust on it as well. The bumpers may need to be repaired and rechromed. This car may need alot of body work done to it, but it IS restorable and it runs well. I guess on a scale 1-10, it may be somewhere in the middle (maybe a 6) I know the classic Impalas are popular cars.

My father isn't mechanically inclined and so he has put several money into this car and it still isn't in show quality as he wanted it to be. He's not interested in it much anymore and is considering selling it. What would something like this usually go for? it is white and the trim piece behind the Impala logo on the side, is black.

If I put this in the wrong thread, I appologize and the mods/administraters can move it to the proper location.

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