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Okay so there was a problem with the seal on my passenger seat side of my car and so I took it into the dealer and they said they would repair it and then place a "fan" in the car to dry the seat... okay me being the young girl not knowing anything about cars I say okay and go on my way... well now five years later my car begans to die randomly!! I took it in to two different shops they think there is a short which is causing th4e battery to die after I bought a NEW bartery and a NEW alturnater. But they said it will cost like 45/ per hour to try and find the short!! But my man concern about this question is what would they have installed in my car that would cause my car to turn on while it is off. For example i can turn my car off and sit in the car and about ever 5-10 minutes something turns on that i can hear almost like a "fan" or something from the vents blows! And from outside the car it randomly sounds like the car is started?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help my I am about to break down I love my car and I dont want to waste anymore money!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!
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