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So my caprice has been acting up lately. It seems to idle somewhat erratically but not as bad since i replaced: the spark plugs, vacuum lines, O2 sensor, cap, coil, rotor, CTS. But otherwise idle is fine unless your driving, when you come to a red light you have to "two foot" it and and sort of "chugs" along. It has very little power now and you have to push the gas a lot further to get somewhere. Could this be a plugged catalytic converter, "which might be screwing up the EGR as a result." ALso, the exhaust smells very strong and like rotten eggs.
fuel filter has been replaced, fuel additive was added, nothing changed if anything it got slightly worse. also another thing to note, this car sat with MINIMAL use for about 8 years until last year when i got it. It isn't my daily driver so it still wasn't getting used much but more than it was. Everything was fine until 3 weeks ago
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