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My 2004 Chevy Impala died last night and had to be towed for the 4th time this week! The first night it died, my mechanic replaced the fuel pump after finding that the fuse to the fuel pump kept blowing. The second time it had to be towed was right after he replaced the fuel pump. I had it towed back. The fuse was blown again. My mechanic replaced the relay for the fuel pump. It ran ok for about a week , other than it starts like crap. Never starts on the first or second try now! Third time I had it towed was because it just would not start in front of my house. This time I had it towed to an Automotive Electrical Shop. They found a corroded, loose ground by the wheel wall. They cleaned it and reatached it. After that, the scan tool showed NO codes! It started, but still takes 2 - 3 trys to get it started. The fourth time (Last night) it died again. The fuel pump fuse had blown again. We tried replacing the fuse, but it keeps blowing. It's back at my mechanics shop. Any Suggestions????
Other facts:
Does not need fuel filter.
Has 3800 Engine. Ex-police car with 160,000 miles.

I think the new fuel filter is junk. I know its a cheap one and only has a 1 year warranty. BUT, what are the chances of the old fuel pump & the new fuel pump making the fuses blow?
My mechanic says he thinks it has a grounded circut, but will replace the fuel pump with a better one free of charge to start with. I'm going to drive this car off a cliff if I ever get it started!!

Is it possible that the loose, corroded ground the electrical shop "cleaned & reatached" came undone or is too corroded to have done much good and completly needs replaced?

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Have your mechanic remove the positive wire from the fuel pump. Then try a new fuse. If the fuse blows or not have him trace the wire and look for a short in it to the body of the car or if someone tied into that wire to also run something else such as a radio amplifire. It sound like the problem is either a short (bare wire touching the body of the car) or something else is also drawing power from that wire at the same time. The problem will take a little time to find.
You did say this is an ex-police unit, these cars are at time driven hard even very hard. Try where the wires come out of the firewall or at attach points along the car to the fuel pump.
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