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On my 2013 Impala, both front power seats are not working.
Fuse is good. Swapped with power window fuse just to make sure.
Odd thing is that the fuse was very hot. It read 250F using a laser thermometer. I suspect either a short or a switch is stuck on.
My plan was to unplug each motor to see if one is causing the issue.

Where I am having a problem is figuring out how to remove the seats so I can get access underneath. I read there should be two bolts on the rear and hooks on the front. Just remove the bolts and it should pull out. I don't see any bolts to remove. Does the seat need to be all the way forward to get access to the bolts? If so, is there a way to manually move them forward? The passenger seat is all the way back. Driver seat is in a normal position but don't see bolts on that side either.
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