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I have a 2013 Impala and neither of the front power seats are working. I first checked the fuse, it ohmed out ok, but it was very hot to the touch. It measured 250F on my laser thermometer.
For this to be hot, I would assume some type of short or switch stuck in the on position. I removed the fuse to avoid any further problems.
My first thought was to unplug one of the seat motors, put the fuse back in and check if the other seat will work.
My problem now is that I cant figure out how to disconnect the seat from the body of the car so I can get my hand underneath and access the connectors.
The passenger seat is all the way back, so I suspect that one my be the issue.
How do I remove these front seats?
Any suggestions about the power seats not working?
Can the seats be adjusted manually?

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