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I just bought a 1994 Chevy Caprice Classic that has 106k miles on it and exterior and enterior is in good shape. I paid $1900 including tax and title. All my people out there who know about this car, DID I GET A GOOD DEAL ON IT?? also i want to put rims on it, and want to know how many bolt rims do i need to get, you can tell i haven't gotten the car just yet.
Please help.
Also I need to get the grill that has the chevy logo on it, where do i get that from. and replace the logo on the hood that the caprice comes with.

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You already bought it so quit worrying about what kind of deal you got. Just enjoy your car.

Bowtie grill is the stock grill that came on the '94-'96 Impala SS. They used to come in the three colors of the SS but I think you have to paint them these days. Probably get a used one off Ebay.

The hood emblem I think you want was a stock part for Caprice LTZs.
I believe the part # is 10188701. I'd post a pic but this site won't let me until I have 15 posts.

Wheels are 5 bolt with a 5" X 5" pattern.
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