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Can anyone recommend of a place that knows how to install the PCM on a 04 Impala SS. We tried installing the PCM but ran into problems on the startup. The car didn't turn on and it turns out it had to be reprogrammed. So if I get a new PCM from Intense can anyone recommend a place in the NYC area.

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1. prob just needs secruity relearn if the normal procedure doesnt work ( see below )

case (security) learn

1. disconnect battery

2. Install new computer

3. Reconnect battery

4. put emergency brake on to disable daytime running lights

5. make sure all doors trunk and hood are closed leave driver window down and reach in threw window

6. try to start. If it doesn't start, leave the key in the on position for 10 min on 97-03 cars and 15 min for 04 and newer cars. The security light should turn off after this amount of time.

7. turn off ignition for 3 seconds

8. Try and start the car. It probably won't start. Repeat step 5 two more times.

9. If this doesn't work disconnect battery for 5 seconds and then try and start the car.

Notes: If your car starts at any time and stays running, you are done. If your car starts and dies, try step 9. If it dies after 2 seconds after you have done these steps, you either have a bad FP resistor or the security setting in your PCM is wrong and it will need an update. Security relearn procedure will not work with the valet key!

if those fail:

2.I would rather get a PCM from
overkill>Intense>ZZP>Others (for off the shelf tunes, of course custom tune>all others ;) )

If those still dont work, PM me, I'll try and find someone local for you to do it, but it really isnt THAT difficult to do ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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