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Hello all,

I didn't want to register but I need the help. I've searched for hours and I can't find my specific issue. I found similarities but nothing exact. My 2008 LT is showing the code P0010 but my engine doesn't surge as others on this forums are stating so it's not the magnet that needs to be replace.

Autozone shows it as "Intake camshaft position (CMP) Actuator Solenoid Control Circuit (Bank 1) P0010.

My drivability is fine just without the full power due to the engine light and "Service Traction Control" only without the "Reduced Engine Power" message.

My wires look fine, unless I am not looking at the right location. From what I've gathered on the forums there is a wire or sensor that goes into the block near the Power steering pump.

Any ideas or maybe I was not able to locate the thread??? I'd like a part number also if available. GM wants $135 for a diagnostics and I want to not go that route.
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