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Very pleased to announce that the 80mm throttle body kit is now available for the 2014+ Impala 3.6 (and its cousins the 2012+ LaCrosse and 2013+ XTS). This is a project I've been working on throughout the summertime and is finally ready for resale.

The stock throttle body is 72mm in size, and ported units on the market retain the 72mm size. This is a larger 80mm throttle body size, which is measured at the brass throttle plate, so it is a truly larger unit. The factory inlet on the 2014+ intake manifold is 79.5mm and is a matching size to take full advantage of the throttle body size.

This throttle body is a brand new unit, comes with our machined adapter plate with stainless allen bolts, and a small kit to help installation including some silicone and alcohol prep wipes.

Throttle response is improved but mainly the improvement is upper rpm performance. In testing, it was very clear to hear the difference in the growl of the engine. Also, the whistling that the stock throttle body has at part throttle is removed, just an interesting note.

No tuning is required but if you have Overkill tuning through HPTuners or the Autocal handheld you can receive a no charge retune with this throttle body which includes throttle response enhancement.

Kit is $299 and is available exclusively by Overkill Motorsport

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