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and the engine overheating. Hello again fellow gearheads,
I have a brand new water pump and thermostat, everything is sealed properly. I have taken off the mechanical fan and clutch assembly and have installed two electric fan units on to the radiator, model #'s PRO67010, they are setup to suck air through the radiator instead of pushing air into it as this is better in aiding the cooling process, they are also powered by 2 relays to ensure that they operate at their max in cooling the engine. I installed an aftermarket water temp gauge and initially installed it in the cylinder head where the factory plug was, this is where my temp gauge kept reading hot and lead me to believe that my engine was about to overheat. After some research, I installed my temp gauge sensor in the manifold right beside the thermostat today, the guage reading showed temps of 200+, it took a bit longer this time for the gauge to get that high though, which lead me to believe at first that I had solved my problem, but 200+ is not normal.
Thanks for the response Tim B. I have already put on brand new parts, new thermostat, new water pump, new gaskets. I think I may have found where my problem was and it wasnt with the radiator I believe, the radiator is not that old. I think I fixed the problem, thanks for your input though. :)
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