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Just got our 2nd Impala SS 1st 1 was a 06
Picked up the 08 last nite
They sure are great cars with awesome MPG's
:eek:Wife totalled out the 06 on 4/28 lady ran stop sign & hit her on pass side pushing her across traffic just missing a semi head on & into trees on the opposite side of the road.
ON STAR is the best thing $ can buy. I'm a firefighter & heard the page go out & 30-45 seconds later my phone rang & it was my wife cring telling me she was in a accident. ON STAR paged out the Ambulance & Fire Dept 2 minutes before they got their 1st 911 cell phone call!!!!
I will be a life time user of ON STAR.
Posted a couple pics of the old & new.


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Welcome to the community, I am also glad that your wife is ok. That is one thing I do like about On-Star equipped cars is the fact that it can call for help even if the driver cannot. If they ever came up with a retro fit for the older classics I would be looking at installing one.
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