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"Old School" Newbie

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Hi everyone,
I can't wait to go through this site. I just found it through a friends request from Richard on myspace. I'm stoked!
My name is Pat (guy), I'm 58 and live in Abingdon, MD. I've been into cars all my life. I've owned an eclectic bunch of vehicles. A '65 Nova SS with a factory 327/300 4 speed, a chopped '55 Studebacker, a '70 Datsun 510 sedan, a '72 Gremlin, a '55 1st series Chevy Pickup, a '72 Monte Carlo, a slammed '90 Mazda pickup that I bought new and a few others. I have never owned ANYTHING that didn't get modified in some way!
I've also been a lifelong skateboarder. I started on a chunk of 2"x4" with a metal shoe skate nailed on, progressed to clay wheels and then on to urethane. I was a skateguard and managed a skate shop part time in the late '70s. I don't roll much these days but have become an avid skateboard collector.
Went through dirt bikes, raced BMX, built model cars and collect art. Life is good and I love having fun. This place looks as though it is going to be fantastic. Thanks for allowing me to sign up, Pat
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welcome 2 the site wood pusher lol!!
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