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Nice car

Pretty nice looking car, looks to be complete and a driver? Price depends on condition and originality for this particular year. There seems to be strong demand (even during these more difficult times) for this year and the 1961. Having the SS trim package is a definite plus.

It's really hard to tell from one fuzzy picture and no textual description, but if you to to tell us more about it's history, any repairs to the body, and corrosion, then add about 10 more close up pics of the inside and the exterior, someone might be able to give you a range of pricing. You might consider having a local appraiser give you an idea as well. Many use Ebay as a guide, but in the end it's the Seller and Buyer who determine final price on any vehicle. Motivated sellers who have had their vehicles for a long time are different than those who have lovingly restored their cars personally (I can attest to that!).

Good luck!

Tom Kochtanek
1962 Impala SS 409 four speed
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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