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May need to add an additional ground wire. On the 1977 Impala system it too uses the Idiot lights. I am getting ready to install the 9C1 gauge package (this will give me water temp, voltage, and oil pressure) to it. On my 77 it runs a positive wire from the light to the switch which grounds the light that is turns the light on if there is a problem. For my new gauges I not only have to change the sensor but add a second ground to the gauge cluster. The new cluster still grounds through the sensor using different resistance for the differnt presures (oil) or differnt tempatures (water), but it uses these sensors as a reference compared to the ground point from the second ground connection. This in turn gives you the gauge reading.
Also check the sensor you added if it has 2 terminals on it, it may need a second wire ran from it back to the gauge. You may want to get a Haynes repair manual and double check the wiring diagrams. It should be needing either an addional ground and/or a second wire ran from the sensor back to the gauge.
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