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hows it going everyone have a 68 4 door impala and recently rebuilt the front suspension minus some bushings. I aligned it and cannot get a proper camber alignment. I put new control arm bushings in 2 years ago. when i was on the rack it seemed if i pushed the front end of the car down it would be in the green on a hunter aligner! so i'm guessing the new springs and shocks are doing this to the car?!?
It does still have a slight lean to the right but i think thats because i did not have time to change rear control arm bushings and they are falling apart.

I can still drive it cuz there both the same positive camber on each wheel. My instructor said i needed something called an offset control arm. i was wondering if i could just get the shaft or do i need the whole arm? and what would be a good produce to use. And most importantly what does an offset control arm do?

thanks for answering the questions!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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