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Howdy yall, Im new here so hopefully this is in the right place. My mom has a 2004 Impala 3.4l with about 160k. The other day the car started to run warm. I was planning on replacing the thermostat anyways so I did it along with the coolant sensor. It didn't help. In fact I beleive the tstat may not have been closing because it's warming up faster now. But I believe the real problem are the fans. Here is what I have observed.

-the driver side fan comes on high with the ac
-both fans come on low when the car is hot enough and the ac is off
-if the ac is switched on while both fans are on low the passanger side fan shuts off
-now the big one...if I give the fan a push with a screwdriver it will start spinning

I replaced the number 3 relay but it didn't help. I guess Im leaning towards the fan motor being bad, but the thing I don't understand is how the fan starts while on low speed on its own but fails to do so on high, that seems sort of backwards. If the fan motor is worn then a stall condition should happen at low power not high, the same reason why most desk fans go off,high,med,low. As to other heating possibilities, the radiator was flushed within the last 6 months, the water pump is only a couple of years old and not leaking or making noise, the radiator cap is newer, I see no smoke or water dripping from the exhaust or cross contamination in the fluids, and the hoses are fairly new and arn't collapsing. With my "Trump money" Im rebuilding the engine in my f100 so this is our only vehical for a couple mounths, and in Phoenix overheating is always a worry. We desperately need this car to last another 2 1/2 years until we move. Thanks for any input.
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