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i have no air blowing (hot or cold) in my 01 chevy impala. Could this be just a fuse, relay fuse or the actual blower motor itself? Would like to take the cheapest steps first.

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Do check the fuses, relay, and ground. If you have the owners manual look in it to see where the fuse(s) are for the blower motor. Also try all the fan speeds, some may work on high and not on the lower settings which would indicate that the resitor pack is blown. Then if that is not it check with your Chevorlet Dealer and see if it does have a relay. Some cars do have relays some do not, my 1977 does not and the 2001 I do not know. I have had one truck that the ground wire from the heat/ac control went bad and I lost the fan and air compressor because of it.
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